Using The Labs

Logging in:

There are two ways to log in to these computers.

  1. Log in as “Guest” with the password field blank
  2. Log in as yourself using your Loyola user name and your masscomm password. The default password is your CWID number.**

**When you log in as yourself you will be prompted to change your password upon your first login.

If you have trouble logging in you may not have an account yet. To get an account you must e-mail me at Please send me these bits of info -- your full name, your loyola e-mail, and your Student ID number.

Please note that this is independent from your Loyola email account and changing the password in the labs has no effect on your loyola email settings, and vice versa.


Through the year you can save and accessible to you via the server. When you log in to the labs the you automatically access your home directory. The "desktop" you see is actuall a visualization of a folder.

If you're not in the SMC labs you can still get access to the files you've been working on one of two ways.

a) using a mac

  1. From the menu bar navigate to the "Go" menu and Select "Connect to Server". (command-k)
  2. enter as the address. then your name and password.
  3. select the item that is you username

b) using a pc

  1. Open a New Explorer window
  2. Type \\\yourusername into the address bar

The one thing you need to know is that your files will be removed from the server at the end of every School Year (July 31). You are ultimately responsible for backing these files up. I recommend doing this periodically throughout the year so you don’t run out of time trying to back up your entire year’s work in 1 hour on july 31 which I almost guarantee will result in failure.

Video Editing:

The video editing software in the labs is Final Cut Pro X. This software requires an external disk to write to, it can be either a thumb drive. For more info see recommended-equipment.

Advanced Video:

Read the previous section. If you are in and advanced class you are required to secure an external hard drive before you are granted permission to checkout the advanced video camera. Your instructor will provide you more details.


Printing is managed in the SMC labs. You have a print quota of 100 prints per semester. Color pages debit 1 print, black and white pages debit 0.1 print. This means you have either 100 color prints or 1000 black and white prints or a mix of an equivelant amount. In rare cases your instructor can provide you with more. Ask them for details

If you have a Mac Laptop you can user the Printer-Installer app available at

If you have a windows laptop and want to get access to the printers please e-mail for further instructions. Include the type of computer and operating system you have.

You can also now print from your iPhone or iPad using 'AirPrint'. You must be connected to the School of Mass Communication wireless! You will also need to download the Print Quota Software from our website. For detailed instructions visit this site

Wireless Network:

If you have your own personal laptop, we have a specialized wireless network in the SMC which will give you access to some features not otherwise avaliable. You can use you SMC lab username and password to gain access.

To report a problem or if you have any other Questions Please e-mail me at and I will respond as quickly as possible. You should also check the website for more updates and information.