Equipment Checkout Policies

9:00am - 6:00pm M-F
This site allows you to reserve equipment. You must be a student enrolled in a School of Mass Comm class. You Must have a reservation.  For certian equipment you need to be enrolled in specific classes to reserve items, please ask your instructor/professor for this information
Equipment Must be checked in before noon.
Equipment may only be checked out after noon (not before).
All equipment is due back before 12PM (noon) on the return by date -- regardless to what you entered on the reservation. If there is someone to check out equipment in the room at noon you may check out equipment then, but there is no guarantee
Equipment returned after 12 Noon is marked late.
Equipment returned at 12:01 is marked late.  There are no exceptions.
We have a zero tolerance policy.
If you return equipment late 3 times your account will be blocked.   You must contact you instructor to determine the duration of you account block.   When (or if) you have your account reinstated after a block, and turn in equipment late again, your account will be blocked permently.
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